Meet Our Team

Vikas Modgil

Investment Adviser

Vikas is an experienced financial adviser with expertise in investment planning, wealth creation, retirement planning, risk management and client relationship management. He has a comprehensive understanding of Wealth Management advice and helps his clients make informed investment decisions that align with their goals and risk tolerance.

Vikas is dedicated to assisting his clients to build wealth through a combination of investment planning, tax-efficient strategies and other financial tools. He works closely with his clients to develop comprehensive retirement plans that consider factors such as retirement income and lifestyle goals.

As a risk management expert, Vikas helps his clients manage risk through diversification, asset allocation and other strategies. He is committed to building strong and long-lasting relationships with his clients based on trust, communication and a deep understanding of their needs.

Vikas is analytical and has a keen eye for detail, which allows him to analyse complex financial data and provide his clients with clear and actionable advice. He is also personable and a great communicator, which enables him to build strong relationships with his clients through open and honest communication.

Vikas is committed to acting in his clients' best interests and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. He is goal-oriented and focused on helping his clients achieve their financial goals by developing customised strategies that satisfy their needs.

Last but not least, Vikas is creative and always looking for new and innovative ways to assist his clients to build wealth and achieve their financial objectives.

Mitesh Parmar

Financial Adviser
Insurance & Mortgage

Mitesh Parmar has more than 10 years of experience in the finance industry, where he has developed extensive expertise in mortgage and personal insurance products. Over the course of his career, he has gained a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances of these products, enabling him to provide advice and guidance to his clients. His knowledge of the industry extends beyond just the products themselves, as he has also developed a comprehensive understanding of the broader financial services sector, including its regulations, policies and practices.

Mitesh is a trustworthy, proactive and conscientious Associate Adviser who can handle multiple tasks, work effectively as part of a team and always puts clients first. He believes in maintaining a work-life balance and enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultural events with his family in his spare time.

Mitesh holds a bachelor’s degree in Graduate Diploma in Applied Business Studies, an MBA major in Sales and Marketing and a New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 in Residential Property Lending and Life, Disability and Health Insurance.

Jaspreet Singh

Financial Adviser

Insurance & Mortgage

Jaspreet is our Financial Adviser who deals with Mortgages, Asset Finance, Business and Personal loans. He enjoys supporting clients through their home buying journey and helping them reach their goals and objectives. His skill in navigating through the varied and complex processes surrounding the Mortgage needs of our clients and providers is exceptional. Prior to Mortgage Industry, Jaspreet has worked in the Finance and Accounting industry for 4 years which helps him understand the Financials, Cashflow forecasts and other complex documents for our business clients. Connecting with clients and helping them with their choices is the enjoyable and challenging aspect of a mortgage adviser that Jaspreet loves.

Parminder Singh

Financial Adviser

Insurance & Mortgage

Parry’s path reflects adaptability, unwavering dedication and an enthusiasm for guiding individuals towards a secure financial future. Parry’s experience as a Supply Chain Analyst has instilled sharp analytical skills, meticulous attention to detail in him. These skills translate seamlessly to navigating the intricacies of debt management and insurance.

With a foundation in customer service leadership, Parry places paramount importance on addressing his client’s unique needs, ensuring every suggestion resonates with their financial aspirations.

He possesses a knack for innovative problem-solving, enabling him to craft tailored solutions to financial challenges. His approach is underpinned by a fresh perspective and an unwavering commitment to professional growth. This ensures that his clients benefit from the finest counsel.

Parry strongly believes that his clients’ financial aspirations are attainable, and he is dedicated to guiding them every step of the way.

Mike Yee

Financial Adviser

Mortgage & KiwiSaver

After 10 years as an Accountant, finishing up at the IRD, Mike pivoted and shifted into Financial Advising 8 years ago, contributing significantly to the EnableMe team for 6 years.

Today, Mike draws on his expertise to bring financial clarity and future-focused strategies to his clients. Specializing in residential lending, he is passionate about helping First Home Buyers and homeowners aiming to expedite mortgage payoff. His background in Accounting also equips him to handle Commercial lending and Property Development.

While now based in Tauranga, Mike's reach is nationwide (with a dash of expats), offering remote consultations and frequent visits to Auckland for those who like to have face-to-face meetings.

Mike's priority is impactful conversations. Connect with him for pragmatic financial growth and tailored solutions.

Daniel Spelman

Administration Officer

Daniel Spelman is our Administration Officer with a focus on customer experience and support of our Financial Advisers.

Daniel has had several years of experience in the accounting industry working in Government, Commercial and Accounting Firms. Most recently Daniel has spent four and a half years assisting clients with estate planning.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Diploma in Commerce from the University of Auckland as well as a Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and holds a Chartered Accountants designation.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter.

Our Authorised Bodies

AIFP Personal Risk Team

Vijay Khobchandani

Financial Adviser
Personal Insurance

Vijay Khobchandani is a Financial Adviser with his expertise being in personal insurance.

Vijay has bachelor's degree in commerce, Post Graduate Diploma in business and has NZ certificate in Financial Services Level 5.

Vijay has worked in the Insurance industry and brings on board a vast experience of knowledge gained over 15 years in financial services and has a wide understanding of the various products available to one in order to ensure the best coverage providing them with valuable advice on managing risk and protecting what is important to them ensuring they are well looked after in times of need. Vijay acts as the Director of AIFP Personal Risk and handles the operations and financial aspects of the business. Vijay strongly advocates the value of financial advice and takes an educational approach in advising clients on the importance of being well insured . He feels a strong sense of responsibility to those under his service and makes sure he is available to his clients forming long term relationships by keeping their interests foremost and regularly reviewing their situation regarding their health and making sure they are protected in case of any unforeseen adversity He has developed a large and varying client base and is working to expand it while continuing to promote and provide tailor made choices for each individual client while keeping in mind their financial capabilities.

Vijay lives by the motto “one cannot predict the future but one must prepare for it.” He is also passionate about living a healthy clean life and is actively involved in playing cricket. He is an avid sports fan cricket and football being his favourites. Rugby and Tennis are a close second and his favourite teams are Chelsea All Blacks and the Black Caps.

He looks forward to meeting people, travelling the world and he's hoping that eventually he'll end up coaching a sport that his kids decide to play.

Amit Talwar

Financial Adviser
Personal Insurance

Amit is the senior adviser at AIFP Personal Risk with over 11 years of experience in the insurance sector. He played a key role in growing the business, starting from scratch, and getting it to a well-recognized name within the local community.

Amit's genuine desire to help people secure what's valuable to them, saw him as a great fit in financial services. He endeavors his best to understand his clients' needs and come up with solutions that will offer them the peace of mind from knowing things will be taken care of when they need it.

Amit believes in having a work-life balance and when not working likes to explore places with his family.

Manish Verma

Financial Adviser
Personal Insurance

Manish is a Financial Adviser specialising in personal insurance. He is a commerce graduate from the University of Delhi and has an NZ Certificate in Financial Services Level 5.

He has a vast experience in the financial services industry in India and New Zealand. He is passionate about insurance & financial planning and is eager to meet new people.

He loves to spend time with his family and explore new places when not working. He believes in peace of mind and in assisting his clients to achieve their financial goals.

Jobin David Chenkolankandy (Joe)

Operations and Service Manager

Joe works as the Operations and Service Manager at AIFP Personal Risk.
He assists the Directors in important policy, planning and strategy decisions and assists in the implementation of the same. On a day-to-day basis he ensures that all clients are looked after, all documentation is maintained as per regulatory requirements, provides training to internal staff on product and systems to keep them up-to-date and assists the advisers in their advice process liaising with clients and product providers.

Joe holds a Graduate Diploma in Operations and Production Management from Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton.

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