Things to consider before investing?

Before making any investment, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

Investment goals

Clearly define your financial goals and how the investment fits into your overall investment strategies, such as long-term growth or income generation.

Risk tolerance

Understand your risk tolerance, which is your ability and willingness to lose some or all of your investment. Different types of investments come with varying levels of risk.

Investment fundamentals

Understand the company or asset's financials, management, industry trends and overall economic conditions.


Spread your investment across different asset classes, sectors and geographies in order to reduce risk.

Time horizon

Consider your time horizon for the investment and whether it aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Tax considerations

Understand the tax implications of your investment and how it may affect your overall returns.

Research and due diligence

Do your research and due diligence and thoroughly understand the investment before committing your money. Understand the business model, management, financial statements and any other relevant information of the company you're investing in.

Consult with Financial Adviser

Getting some advice from a financial adviser can help you determine your investment plan to achieve your lifestyle goals – whatever they are. Advisers can also guide you in deciding which investment options may help maximise your investment income. Most importantly, they can help you plan for a future that suits you – whatever that looks like.

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